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Article Rehabilitation of Western coal lands
An edited version of a summary of a report, Rehabilitation Potential of Western Coal Lands, published by the National Academy of Sciences.
Article Klamath Basin II: The saga continues
A controversial National Academy of Sciences report on Oregon's Klamath Basin states that federal biologists had no scientific basis to withhold water from ...
Article C source code header Fast Times at California's Petroleum High
A day in the life of the U.S.'s first high school academy devoted to oil production.
Article Agency gets rebuked
A National Academy of Sciences report on the "Long-Term Institutional Management of U.S. Department of Energy Legacy Waste Sites" says that the Dept. of Energy ...
Article Porta-potties to Posters: Planning Community Events
Lewis and Clark Bicentennial Training Academy offers courses for interpreters involved with tourism.
Article chemical/x-isostar Study: cows, wild horses can coexist
In a recent study prepared for the Bureau of land Management for release to Congress, the National Academy of Sciences found that herds of wild horses competed ...
Image JPEG image 020415.027.jpg
Creosote bloom
Image GIF image 960610.012.gif
Garden Place Academy, part of Denver Audubon's Urban Education Project
Image JPEG image clivenbundy-jpg
Cliven Bundy speaks at a forum hosted by the American Academy for Constitutional Education.
Image JPEG image windturbines.jpg
Wind turbines off the coast of the energy-independent island of Samso, Denmark.