West Obsessed: The American alpine sublime

A new collection by a turn-of-the century poet raises questions about wildness.


The Rocky Mountains have long been a source of inspiration and art. This is apparent in the works of the poet Belle Turnbull, who wrote about the mining camps of Colorado, the beauty of the mountains, and her life in the Rockies. In this episode of West Obsessed, NewTowncarShare News Editor-in-Chief Brian Calvert travels to Gunnison, Colorado, to discuss Turnbull, her work, and the questions it raises about modern wildness and the sublime with two professors from Western Colorado University: David Rothman, the head of Western’s creative writing program, and John Hausdoerffer, who heads the university’s environmental studies program. 

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Thumbnail image: Hidden Lake in Glacier National Park, Cody Wellons/Flickr.