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Article application/x-troff-ms A glossary of mining terms
Definitions of "reclamation," "bonding," and "sensitive areas."
Article Getting into hot water
Idaho ranks just behind California and Nevada in terms of geothermal resources. But so far, development has been limited.
Article People move into land planning
The purpose of this article is to describe, in practical terms, how you can influence the future of your community through the planning process.
Article Troff document Colorado is the Appalachia of the West
At one time, all Western states had a similar approach to water. But Colorado now lags in terms of building the public interest into water matters.
Article Wyoming's Senator Alan Simpson literally towers above his colleagues
... but it's too early to say whether he towers over his peers either in terms of accomplishments and influence on the Environment Committee.
Article What size shoe does and acre-foot wear?
A glossary of water terms for those who wonder why water diversions are not diverting and why it is morally offensive to leave water flowing in a stream.
Article Troff document Attack on federal government hits solar project
Although a southeastern Utah activist group couches its opposition to a small solar electric generating plant at Natural Bridges National Monument in ...
Article The Rosetta brochure
The EPA publishes a guide to its abbreviations and technical terms.
Image JPEG image RMR6237a.jpg
More of the ranch's "flora y fauna" -- terms the Mexican government uses when designating protected areas.
Image JPEG image RMR5737.jpg
Some of the ranch's "flora y fauna" -- terms the Mexican government uses when designating protected areas.

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