What Abbey’s ‘Desert Solitaire’ means in these trying times
What Abbey’s ‘Desert Solitaire’ means in these trying times
The book turns 50 this year, and is more relevant now than ever.
On grappling with a past shadowed by violence
On grappling with a past shadowed by violence
Two books examine the relationship people have with painful family histories.
The iconic bird of the ‘Sagebrush Sea’
The iconic bird of the ‘Sagebrush Sea’
A new book shows the life cycle of sage grouse in their natural habitat.
A ridge too far
A Santa Fe ski area wants to expand, despite pressure from the Ski Area Containment Coalition.
A frank discussion
A conference on the Frank Church - River of No Return Wilderness is held
Wolves in Idaho
The Fish and Wildlife Service is slow to confirm wolf sightings, which could affect wolf reintroduction in Yellowstone.
Western visions
Conference on environment, land use and alternative economic strategies planned in Boulder.
Seeds of change
The book "Seeds of Change' examines massive agricultural changes arising from contact between the continents.
Queen salmon tours Northwest
A theater troupe will perform "biologically explicit' musical comedy.
Mutual aid
'Making A Change: A Student Guide to Social Change Internships in the Northern Rockies', describes internships in the west.
Forest watchdogs in Montana
The forest-watchdog group, Gold Creek Resources Protection Association, wins its first battle in a timber fight against the Burnt Bridge Timber Sale.
Avalanche alert
Silverton will host another avalanche training course.
Nevada's water future
Public forums discussing the seven year drought will be hosted by the Nevada Water Resources Association.
A tracker's guide
A review of "Tracking and the Art of Seeing: How to Read Animal Track and Sign', by Paul Rezendes.
Jerry Plunkett, inventor
Jerry Plunkett, the angry, outspoken-yet-gentlemanly president of Materials Consultants, thinks that the country needs fresh approaches to the energy problem.