Terms and conditions for 40th anniversary contests


Site Registration: An entrant who wishes to submit images or essays to our 40th Anniversary contests must be a registered site user with an account. The user registration process is simple and free, and may be completed during the image or essay submission process. 

Essays: Essay entries must be submitted via the Web using our online entry form at newtowncarshare.info (https://newtowncarshare.info/40years/contests). Entrants will be asked to provide contact information and the essay text. Essays may not be longer than 4,500 characters (approximately 900 words). 

Photos: Photo entries must be submitted via our Web site (https://newtowncarshare.info/40years/contests). Entrants may submit up to three (3) photos for each photo contest, in JPEG, PNG and GIF file formats only; each image submitted may be no larger than 2 megabytes in size. Attempts to circumvent these restrictions will result in disqualification without notice.


Essays: Essay entries will be received and reviewed by NewTowncarShare News editors. Once approved, essays will be published to the contest page on the 40th Anniversary Web site. Essay contest winners will be determined by site users (registered or not) via an online voting system. Each site user may vote once per essay entry. The entry with the most votes is the winner. If two or more entries have the same number of votes, a tie will be declared.

Photos: Each entrant may submit up to a maximum of three (3) entries per photo contest. Entries will be posted on the newtowncarshare.info Web site for site users to vote on and determine the winner. The entry with the most votes is the winner. If two or more entries have the same number of votes, a tie will be declared.


By submitting an entry, you grant NewTowncarShare News the right to reproduce, distribute, perform, and display your entry and/or excerpts from your entry in any and all media: in connection with or to promote the 40th Anniversary of NewTowncarShare News; in any archives composed in whole or in part of NewTowncarShare News or newtowncarshare.info; and/or in connection with educational projects for journalists, aspiring journalists, and/or the general public. By submitting an entry, you represent and warrant that the entry is original work, that you have the right to submit the work as an entry in the contest, and that you have the right to grant NewTowncarShare News the rights granted above.

For additional information, please also see Contests - Official Rules