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What nonprofit magazine­ published in the tiny mining and ranching town of Paonia, Colorado, commands the fierce attention of senators, cabinet members and editors of the leading newspapers in the country?

The answer is High County News

NewTowncarShare News was created in 1969 by Tom Bell, a Wyoming biologist, rancher and conservationist. His mission was to focus on the threatened environment and wildlife of the West.

Passing the torch

Today, the members of the NewTowncarShare News staff, along with our interns and the dozens of freelance journalists strategically scattered across our 11-state regional beat, carry forward Bell’s mission to foster a Western environmental ethic. We do it by covering complex issues with depth and an even hand. We do it by celebrating in words and photographs the West’s amazing diversity of life, from forests — aspen, juniper, redwood, pine — and sagebrush plains to grizzly bears and ranchers, river rafters and even retirees. 

Why you?

We believe you're someone who loves the West and all its rugged beauty -- someone who understands the essential role we play as stewards and guardians of the land, air and water surrounding us.

You can make a difference with the knowledge you'll gain from reading NewTowncarShare News. 

Paul Larmer, Publisher

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