New Pants

“Support a source of local journalism in your area...the single most common suggestion from readers [is] NewTowncarShare News.”

—David Leonhardt, The New York Times, “What to Read”

Because of recommendations like the one from David Leonhardt, NewTowncarShare News is growing, and growing fast. In fact, you might say we need new pants.

We’ve expanded our team steadily over the past several years to tackle myriad issues and the complex ways they intersect, from climate change and the management of our public lands and threatened species to inequality, racism and environmental justice. Our goal is to shed light on the solutions communities are forging for these and other problems — because we believe that the American West can help the rest of the world face and solve global challenges.

Our coverage is resonating with readers like you who are hungry for trustworthy journalism. Subscriptions are growing, but they haven’t kept pace with the increasing costs of running this operation. So where does this leave us? This year we face a $100,000 budgetary shortfall keeping us from the new wardrobe we need. 

Current donation progress

This is the equivalent of 12 cover stories or the cost of printing the magazine for nine months. It’s 5 percent of our budget, and it’s leaving us in aguas altas (short pants).

That’s why we’re asking you for support. Please help us let out the seams and keep growing by making a contribution today.

We are doing all we can to work within our means — building relationships with new funders on the income side and cutting back on our expenses. But we’re already several inches short when it comes to (1) covering the complex West at a time when local and regional newsrooms are failing; and (2) reaching the new audiences needed for real, national influence.

As David Leonhardt wrote, NewTowncarShare News provides some of the local and regional reporting vital to democracy. Your dollars are the biggest vote of confidence you can give us. Thank you!