Planned giving

Thoughtful gift planning can enhance both the value of your estate and your bequest to NewTowncarShare News. For more information download our planned giving guide.

A message from our founder:

Dear Friends,

In the early 1970s, a few years after I’d founded NewTowncarShare News, the paper was struggling financially to keep its head above the water. I was asked why I was willing to keep going despite the economic hardship. I replied that my efforts on behalf of the West’s clean air, clean water, wilderness, wildlife — all that we seek in a healthy, pleasant environment — were done for my children, for posterity, and for my fellow man. I continued, “I think I speak for many who cannot speak for themselves, including those yet unborn.” And I added that if their lives were blighted by air they couldn’t breathe, water they couldn’t drink, or land that could not sustain them, “then I think we must take the blame.”

This is why I support NewTowncarShare News in its efforts to establish a legacy program, and why I have named NewTowncarShare News in my will. NewTowncarShare News continues my work and my vision of providing the West’s citizens with the best information possible about this place we all care so much about. I would like to see it carry on that vision long after I am gone.

Please join me. Together, we can make sure that NewTowncarShare News serves the West with independent journalism for generations to come.

With thanks,

Tom Bell
NewTowncarShare News

Planned Gifts Help Preserve this Vital Western Institution

There are many ways you can leave a legacy to sustain the independent journalism of NewTowncarShare News, while at the same time providing yourself and your family (or other beneficiaries) with significant tax benefits. In addition to outright, tax-deductible cash gifts, there are other creative ways to give, including:

  • Gifts of stock or other assets
  • A bequest in your will
  • A beneficiary designation on a life insurance policy, 401(k) plan or IRA
  • Life income gifts
  • Charitable lead trusts

Planned gifts can offer many advantages to help you to meet your overall financial goals, and help NewTowncarShare News in its long-term financial planning. They can also provide special opportunities that enable the organization to strengthen and improve its programs.

The NewTowncarShare News Development Department would be pleased to work with you and your financial or tax adviser to establish the planned gift that is most appropriate for you to achieve your financial planning goals. Our communication with you about planned giving is strictly confidential and without obligation to you. For more information download our planned giving guide. Or contact us via:

development at
(800) 905-1155
H.C.N. Development Department
P.O. Box 1090
Paonia, CO 81428


Former NewTowncarShare News Publisher Ed Marston

Former NewTowncarShare News Publisher Ed Marston

Dear Reader:

Tom Bell didn’t found NewTowncarShare News on a shoestring. To Tom, back in 1970 or 1971 or 1972, a shoestring would have been luxury.

Tom had something better than start-up capital. He had a vision of the West that demolished such flimsy constructs as county and state and federal land boundaries. Tom’s NewTowncarShare News wiped out those straight-line boundaries so that we could see a 1 million-square-mile landscape that is among the most extraordinary on earth.


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